2017 Board of Advisors

RAM Technology was founded in a small one bedroom apartment in 2011. I started the company because at one point in life, I found myself homeless. In 2010, I lost everything. All of my material wealth, my homes, my Partner, my friends.....the economy tanked and my businesses took a staggering hit. I used savings and the grace of God to keep things going for a little while. Then a rival competitor took to the internet and began meticulously spreading racist lies and accusations against me and my company. This created a domino effect and brought both me and my company to our knees. While on my knees. I gave it all to back to God. And won't He do it? The battle was lost, but the victory remained to be won. 

R.A.M Rebuilding African Minds....came directly from the mind of the Universe. I reached across to my human family in China and they committed to helping me build slowly on a shoe string budget. I get the same quality as Google, but I get it for whatever was available in my pre-paid Walmart card bank account. So, I built. Michael Weber & Mary Jacocks joined me. Together we sold out of tablets faster than we could ever produce them. We had officially become the Nations ONLY 100% Black Owned tablet computer manufacturer. I wanted to level the digital divide. My vision was to give away 10,000 tablet computers to homeless men. women and children in our community. People wanted us in Malls. God slammed the door. People wanted us to expand across the internet. God slammed the door. People wanted us to join the ranks of Network Marketing Companies. God really slammed that door. But when I got back focused on the original assignment.....doors flew open.  

The NEW R.A.M Foundation is providing a solution to homelessness starting in Atlanta because charity starts at home and spreads abroad. We build EVERY single part of our tablets. We are certified Google Development Partners and we develop our mobile technology on the Android Platform.  I am seeking Visionaries to join with me to make the mission of The NEW R.A.M Foundation a reality.-Swan Simpson, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

The Assignment 2017 & Beyond

"To Level the Technology Playing Field. And in doing so, distributing more than 10,000 tablet computers to low income children & Economically Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs." Children, Mothers and Families who otherwise could not access this type of affordable, scalable, powerful, life changing technology. It's 21st Century Technology and beyond. The young Entrepreneur who needs a launch pad for their ideas. The single mother trying to manage her everyday life. The student doing research and homework and can now keep up with their fellow classmates. The non-profit CEO needing to be mobile and connected. Teachers in the inner city & rural areas instructing an entire class with tablets hands on. Entire villages of children in the Sudan, Haiti and other parts of the under-served world, learning, studying, keeping pace with children in more technologically savvy parts of the world. As believers we are all free to dream. But today the dream is real, very tangible and now very possible. Open your mind. Think of the future. Create bigger ideas. Dream of a better world. Contact us at CEO.SSMEDIAGROUP@gmail.com                                 

RAM Technology Partners